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One of the parts that really got to me was this moment, when Dave was crouching on the floor with the shattered CD case. Because the implication behind it actually terrifies me. I don’t know why that single moment affects me more than the rest of it, and we all know by now how much this episode affected me, but like. He’s done that before. I can tell that he’s done it before. And I just. That scares me. That really, really scares me. I just want to pull him into a tight hug and make him believe that everything will be okay.

And if you don’t know the implication behind the shattered CD case, then you don’t want to know.

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#dave karofsky #I should be doing my geography homework but all I can think about is this moment #and it's been haunting me since the episode #I just need to get it out ther #*there

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    I hate how this fandom is making me notice things i didn’t notice the first time through, and as a result, makes me even...
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    Oh my god i didn’t even relize that when I watched it.
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